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Our approach is to have to encompass strategy, software and managed services with technology solutions to boost operational efficiency and provide real-time visibility.


Vision and Mission

Vision – Festkörp’s vision is to have leadership in providing added value products. Mission – Festkörp’s pushing forward to provide creative, technical and edutainment products.

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Festkörp has developing solutions to speak for your business needs. They can be a standalone solution or be combined to manage a specific requirement. We want to make sure the right choice today, work for you tomorrow and remain sustainable. Our services follow a simple process of design, manage and enrichment to develop your tailored solution.

Festkörp provides services which are Cloud Services, Infrastructure Services, Identity, and Access Management Services, Business Consultancy, Technical Consultancy, Full Project Development, and Managed Services.

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Festkörp Software provides transformative performance, creates game-changing impact, and helps enterprises realize unprecedented results, savings, and bottom-line growth. We provide software that optimizes the entire conversation to improve customer experience and agent productivity with AI.

A leading provider of innovative supply chain software. A global supply chain and operations consulting powerhouse. A best-of-breed provider of managed procurement and supply chain services. Which is it?

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24/7 Support Services

We have expertise, flexibility, availability and responsiveness, direct support to end-users, and always tries to minimize the impact by trying to solve any problem in the fastest way.

Online Technical Services

We provide online technical services to fulfill your requirements to solve and minimize the impact of any problem.

AI Predictive Analytics

We develop AI applications that help you predict customer behavior and outcomes and grow your business in the right direction.


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Festkörp has diligently ensured that we align the IT solutions to meet the business needs of enterprises with agility and precision. It offers an end-to-end automated system that removes complexity and allows buyers and suppliers to manage everything from contracts to payments on a single, integrated platform.

Through AI technology inconsistent user experiences, fragmented solution stacks, and bad data, as well as the added costs and risks of third-party integration projects and middleware solutions.


Festkörp provides a lower total cost of ownership gives savings to pile up when you employ standard, native integrations, and avoid third-party integration, maintenance, upgrade, and middleware costs. Seamless, easy-to-use software encourages greater user adoption and, in turn, more control and compliance.

Users can enjoy a consistent, harmonized experience with easy, cross-application navigation and a seamless, end-to-end flow. It is a group based on consolidating a number of present, established corporations that are leading in information technology.


Festkörp's Financial Supply Chain transforms your payables from liabilities into strategic assets to boost free cash flow, free up working capital, and deliver more bottom-line value.

Festkörp powers to achieve procurement through the digital platforms by delivering tangible growth. Festkörp’s AI technology gives Intuitive design, stunning visual appeal, intelligent user-friendly interfaces, seamless integration with all major ERP, F&A, and back-end systems with secure, scalable, robust cloud-native infrastructure.


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